About Me

You’ve reached my digital presence.

I’m a human based out of San Francisco (mostly). Previously, I’ve spent chunks of my life in New York, Vancouver, Canada, and Shanghai.

I currently spend my time on machine learning research and engineering problems at Ritual. I previously built Socket (acq. 2023), and worked at Schmidt Futures. I studied Math (B.S) and Computer Science (M.S) at Stanford.

Some things that interest and have interested me in the past:

  • Open-source model inference and adaptation
  • Robustness, interpretability, and provenance of models
  • AI governance and policy
  • Applications of models for science, policy, and problems in the physical world
  • startups, ventures, and new things
  • good coffee and scenic running routes

Check out more specific projects, papers, and experiences here

You can find my substack below. If you wanted to check out a sample, here’s my most recent post (trended Top 3 on HackerNew’s front page for a bit).

I always find it refreshing to hear new perspectives - feel free to reach out by email! You can also leave anonymous feedback for me here 💭.